Physalis alkekengi-

Well let me translate for you..Physalis alkekengi-Chinese Lantern Plant.

I was down at the Garden Centre looking for help to clear my new allotment when my eyes rested upon this plant, tucked away in a corner…

I couldn’t believe how the seed was suspended within the ‘skeleton’.

And a little closer…

Cor! Wow!

And here are two fully clothed Physalis’…

Who would have thought purple and orange would go together so well!


When I got home I decided to give the little lantern some different places to pose upon…

Lying upon my mother’s painting of an ivy leaf.


On a table cloth!

In the kitchen

Work surface!


On a towel!


But at the risk of repeating myself, here’s my favourite….


But finally, to anyone who has been visiting my blog, commenting, liking or following….Thank you-it means a lot 🙂

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That’s all!

See Ya xx