Autumn Cobwebs

Before I begin today’s blog, I would just like to say about the times when the photos do not appear properly or in full on my daily meanderings. This is most frustrating for me and maybe for you, but I am hoping that I have sorted it out-a long and boring process I can tell you! Fingers crossed!

Anyway, Saturday was a misty moisty Autumn morning and I took lots of photos of dewy cobwebs in various different places. I hope you enjoy them:

This cobweb is about 15 inches long.

A little closer this time

Beautiful Autumn colours and a little bit of cobweb!

Stunning berries

Ah Sweet!

All Cobwebbed up!

Don’t you just love poppies at any time in their cycle?

And another!

Love it!

Great Globules!


And that’s all for today.

See Ya xx

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