Blogtoberfest! OOOOOOH It’s so scary in my house!!

Ok, so one of the blogs I follow is “Lady or Not….Here I Come”, which I find jolly darned amusing. At the moment Becca (she who blogs) has a Blogtoberfest on, where she has challenged us readers to post scary stories.

“I’m up for that!” I thought and began to think!

First off I have to post this picture….

Yes I will!

Here in the UK it has been a very wet year. Plants have grown unusually large…6 foot stinging nettles…very large ink weed berries (see earlier blog)….Himalayan Balsam that you could build a house with (look them up they’re amazing)!! But with this wet weather came slugs and snails (no puppy dog tails mind!) and spiders galore.

I know, I know, the scary bit is coming!

So to illustrate….some pics…

All very well you may think, but not very scary…

Well here’s the scary bit….Inside my house there has been an invasion…..not of slugs or snails, but of really small, long legged spiders who make many fine webs all over the place. Now you may think that this is not scary if you are of the “House proud” persuasion. If you are like that, then you will have brushed and dusted them away before they took over! I am not like you!

Everywhere I turn I see….

“Get away from meeeee!”


And here’s Graham’s mate lurking in another room!

How does he hang like that?



And do you know what else scared me this very evening? There I was sitting in my chair when I noticed movement on my top! Then out wriggled an earwig, who then proceeded to clamber down my curves!! Without missing a beat I grabbed him and put him in a pot to photograph for you…..urgggghhhhh!

Got you you blighter!



But here are some photos of things that really really really frighten me in my own house…

The Understairs Cupboard

The Spare Room

The Wash Basket!

The tupperware type thing cupboard with extra added iron!

The Utensil Drawer!

That’s all!

See Ya xx