Duck oh Duck

It’s National Poetry Day-or so Breakfast TV lead me to believe and this is something I have to honour….

(If it’s not too much bovver

Don’t forget to hovver!)

Okey Dokey!

It is always dangerous

To write a poem ’bout a duck

Not because they’re nasty

Or the bearers of bad luck….

Duck, now what rhymes with duck?

It’s because the rhymes for them

Can be rude and that would suck

I prefer much nicer things

And not that sort of muck!



that I’ve



(If you click on one of these next photos they will enlarge on your screen!)



These feathers….

..are a…


Even the titles of these rhyme!


Derwent’s younger brother.

Where’s that Doona? Why she’s in front of your eyes!


Poor Delilah Duck she couldn’t, She was in such a muddle!

That’s all!

See Ya xx