But what is it?

Walking to the pub on Sunday (not back!) we saw this….

What a whopper!


It was about 8 inches long and quite amazing. However I have no idea what it is and am having problems finding it on the internet. Can anyone help?

Here’s a slightly different view of it…

Still don’t know what it is, but so shiny and lovely.

And just in case anyone horticultural is reading this (fat chance methinks), here is the leaf…


I have struggled to describe this when doing my search. Any help gratefully accepted.

See Ya xx

17 comments on “But what is it?

    • Hi, thanks for suggesting this. I’ve looked both up and am not sure it’s either one. Not sure where you are but I am in the uk, relatively near London and it was in a garden here. Will keep looking 🙂

  1. OK, this is probably way off, but if it were in the Appalachian region of the US it would be a close cousin to the Polkweed / Pokeweed. Similar red stalks and leaves only the berry clusters are not as compact. Search for images of Phytolacca americana. Perhaps it has a relative in the UK?

  2. I know, and I agree but really don’t know how to describe it on the net other than a fruit! But when I put fruit in and shrub it comes up with black currant etc! Will keep searching! Thanks for your comment. I wonder if I should put in seed pod? 🙂

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