Wood store, New Zealand and Large Dragonfly!

So today I want to show something I built, all on my own (well with a little help…but not much!) using planks of wood and brackets!

It’s a wood store or a log store-whatever you want to call it! It’s about 7 feet wide and 4 and a half feet tall and I am very proud.

Pleased pleased pleased moi!

And from a slightly different angle!!!

Still pleased!

And one in the evening light!



Now on to where my travelling forever son James is…..Yep, New Zealand. On his face book page was just an amazing shot which I nicked to put on here…..

I think that’s a brilliant photo.

And finally, I went a walkin’ this afternoon, camera in pocket, smile on face on a mission to buy eggs. Not an exciting or interesting story yet I hear you cry. Well yes, you’re right, but on the way back I went the wood way…..and it was there I saw this 10cm dragonfly. Please bear in mind it decided to land very high up in the tree thus making it slightly awkward to photograph…..

Huge or what?

And another….

He kept still for so long.


Two at once now….

I wish he wasn’t so high up and hard to reach!

It’s not easy tip toeing in this wind!


And finally the last one when the sun just came out and caught his wings….

Oh Yes!

And that’s all!

See ya xx