Make that Shield Bug do a Breakdance!

What do you think I may have been doing today, apart from nursing that coughing nasty virus? Here’s a clue……

Oh yeah! I’ve been a scrumpin’.

I can’t help myself in September, I just have to get into those hedgerows! This year is amazing for blackberries. Freezer is beginning to fill up. But really now, let me write something about the title!

When I got my haul back to my house, I uploaded (!) the blackberries into the freezer. ‘But wait….what’s this?’ I thought as a small little critter seemed to be balancing on top of a blackberry!

Hold yourself steady there Mr. Shield Bug!

Well imagine my surprise when he leapt off the blackberry and began to dance……

See him spin!

He soon got fed up with that and made his way across the work surface….

Off he goes….

For some reason I decided to put various fruity items in his way. He didn’t flinch once…he climbed over every single one, so much so that I put a little obstacle course together!

Straight up the nut and…..

He can do anything!!


The full obstacle course, completed in 31 seconds!

Here’s my last photo of Shenandoah’s exploits in my kitchen before I released him back outside onto some flowers.


That’s all for now!

See Ya xx

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