Turkey, Olive and Pomegranite (Wednesday 5th Sept 2012)

So, there we were on holiday in the beautiful villa I have already told you about. We were sitting here……

You have to imagine the food!

….and we were eating bread (ekmek), cheese (peynir), salad (salata) and tomatoes (domates). Hope you like the little Turkish lesson there! Oh and of course….olives (zeytin).

What a wonderful lunch until I forgot that olives have stones in and I crunched down hard upon one. Oh dear oh dear-pound signs flew past my eyes as I spat tooth and filling out into my hand-how much was a nearly whole new tooth going to cost?  I remembered my dentist talking about a crown and very large money numbers accompanying the talk-and here I was in Turkey with a very small amount of tooth left-ERK!

With very little delay we set off for the local coastal town of Fethiye, found a dentist and showed him my problem. Before he had told me the price he was filling a syringe with anaesthetic…can you imagine that sort of speedy service in England? ‘But how much? (Ama kac lira?)’ I cried as he approached swiftly with his needle.

Oh heavens and heavenly was his answer….only £43…for titanium posts and a completely re-built tooth!

Apart from him saying ‘No, don’t talk now’, he just got on with the job and a jolly fine job he did too! (I did feel a bit odd about him basically telling me to shut up, but for £43 I couldn’t complain!)

So within 45 minutes I was on my way back home….Excellent!

Now a bit of Turkish nature photography to finish…..

Another step along the way….

What can I say?

And how about this…..

Hibiscus brightus reddicus!

With his sister….

Hibiscus brightus white-icus!

And that’s about all for now.

See Ya! xx


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