Conkers! For Adrienne x

Conkers conkers

How many did I see?

But where are the children?

They’re playing on the wii!!

Don’t forget to hover over the pics!

Particularly prickly pants!

Then there’s this one….Prehistoric maybe?

A relative of the diplodocus?

And this one warns you of the dangers of drinking that one drink too many!

Is it worth it?

Now whilst this looks rather like the first picture, I feel it has a more warrior like attitude, with a hint of meanness thrown in….

Hiiiiiiiiii YAH!

Well what can you see in this next one?…

Faster than the speed of light!

And here’s an odd thing…there was a sticky bud on the tree at the same time as conkers. I thought that sticky buds happened in Spring!?

Funny old weather!

And one more with captions…..

Is there a song ‘We’re in the army now’?

Finally just some shots of conkers on the tree….

That’s all!

See ya xx

Poems to make you smile!

Six silly poems written whilst out on a walk….Well you’ve got to have fun haven’t you?


I’m trying to write a book

Oh good grief it’s hard

I wish my name was William

Just like the famous bard!


I’d like to write a poem

I’d like to be a poet

But when I write a rhyme

It doesn’t seem to flow it just carries on and on without getting to the end

If I carry on like this then I’ll just go round the bend!

I like to watch the telly

Whilst sitting on my chair

This makes my bum grow bigger

Oh life just isn’t fair!

I’m going to buy a ticket

I’d really like to win

And if I won a packet

I’d celebrate with gin!

I said I’d stop the drinking

I said I’d give my word

But I can’t give up on Wednesday

Cos that would be absurd!

I said I’d give up working

I did it very well

But now I have no money

Oh bloody bloody hell!

Elderberry Rob!

As I have said before….it’s scrumping time so off I went for an early morning constitutional walk across the fields. In my pocket a small bag…(don’t tell anyone but it was a doggy ‘poo-bag’ that my mother had left behind-yes, she does have a dog!) …anyway, it was the perfect sized bag for a little blackberry picking. Oh heavens, there were so many blackberries that I vowed I would come back in the afternoon. I continued on my way but went a slightly different route to my usual one. It was then that I became terribly overexcited by the number of elderberry trees and swiftly after that by the number of elderberries. Then I  knew I would have to come back in the afternoon for elderberries.


On arriving back home I set to work de-stalking the little beauties ready to cook…..but what was this?? Ah I had forgotten how much earwigs like elderberries. My kitchen was crawling with them, sticking their bottom claws up defensively!

One of the 35 earwigs roaming around my kitchen this afternoon!

And this is what I made…..

Elderberry Rob moments away from bottling.

So I went back into the kitchen to bottle the cordial and what do I find…..?

2 more earwigs. One trying to get into the fridge, the other scuttling along the bottom of a cupboard…until he lost his balance, that is! And here’s where he ended up…

Oh Dear oh dear!

Can you see him in the cup of rob (which is just another name for cordial).

Apparently elderberries are an invaluable cordial for colds and coughs, but only of late years has science proved that Elderberries furnish Viburnic acid, which induces perspiration, and is especially useful in cases of bronchitis and similar troubles.

Who would have thought it?

See ya xx


Sometimes I find myself wondering

How aeroplanes stay in the air

But when you start to explain it to me

I find that I really don’t care!

Sometimes I find myself wondering

Electricity-how does that work?

Then you draw me a diagram like this…..

And I want to convulse and jerk!

 Sometimes I find myself wondering

What the hell I should do

Then I go outside with my camera

Ah nature your beauty is true

Here’s my Passion….

Thistle be a good set of photos!

Nearly there!

And finally….

There we have it!

Have you guessed what it is yet?

Tell me your name oh hairy one!

I found this little beauty in my front garden, calmly climbing on a shrub. I have to admit that I have been a little cross with the behaviour of this year’s caterpillars as they have eaten my garden alive! However I am unable to hurt them so I just try to move them somewhere else (like the neighbours garden??? No not really!).

Anyway, I decided I needed to know what species it is…butterfly or moth??

Well, God bless the internet as I can now proudly reveal that this caterpillar will become a Grey Dagger moth. I haven’t a photo of my own of one of them but I have managed to find this on t’net.

Grey Dagger Moth

Here’s a glorious sweet pea, bursting and ready and so pleased to not be caterpillar food….

Sweet sweet pea

And now, with great subtlety, on to another sort of pea that I podded only last week. Couldn’t resist the photo opportunity!


See Ya xx

Make that Shield Bug do a Breakdance!

What do you think I may have been doing today, apart from nursing that coughing nasty virus? Here’s a clue……

Oh yeah! I’ve been a scrumpin’.

I can’t help myself in September, I just have to get into those hedgerows! This year is amazing for blackberries. Freezer is beginning to fill up. But really now, let me write something about the title!

When I got my haul back to my house, I uploaded (!) the blackberries into the freezer. ‘But wait….what’s this?’ I thought as a small little critter seemed to be balancing on top of a blackberry!

Hold yourself steady there Mr. Shield Bug!

Well imagine my surprise when he leapt off the blackberry and began to dance……

See him spin!

He soon got fed up with that and made his way across the work surface….

Off he goes….

For some reason I decided to put various fruity items in his way. He didn’t flinch once…he climbed over every single one, so much so that I put a little obstacle course together!

Straight up the nut and…..

He can do anything!!


The full obstacle course, completed in 31 seconds!

Here’s my last photo of Shenandoah’s exploits in my kitchen before I released him back outside onto some flowers.


That’s all for now!

See Ya xx

More Insects and More Excuses!

Well, before I start my excuses for not having blogged for a week, I will tell you about watering my garden. Now I can already feel you quivering with excitement at the thought, but hold yourselves together for here it all comes.

Sometimes, as every gardener knows, you have to water your pots and indeed your garden, So one day last week, I knew it was that time, especially as the pretty little violas that had been recently planted seemed to be touching their toes instead of standing up proud. Hose out, water on and off I went. And here are some photos of the aforementioned violas….

So pretty

Also pretty

However, in my watering fervour I had failed to notice a small but vital bee that had been visiting the violas moments before the commencement of my watering frenzy! This was the result……

One doused bee!

Notice the large water globule upon his head!

Don’t forget you can make these pictures bigger by clicking on them. Also don’t forget to hover your mouse over the pics for inane comments.

Poor old Betrand spent the next hour or so climbing to the top of the stem of a viola and then seemed to fall down again. Mind you, I wasn’t about to put my finger in to help…thought that might be a little foolish with an angry bee!

Here’s one last photo of a wet bee…..

I like this photo!

Now quickly quickly quickly…..I have been ill, indeed still feel grim…It was, I thought, my chest. There I was, trying a new fitness regime which included swimming and or walking in the morning at about 7am. All was going well until I began to feel unwell one week and one day into it! Sigh!!

So by Friday last week I felt grotty enough to go to the docs to see if it was a chest infection. A very nice lady doctor, who seemed to be about 12, invited me to sit down. I told her that my chest was feeling tight and that, though she wouldn’t know what my voice sounded like, it didn’t normally sound like it did just then! Indeed even my voice was tight I told her. She then proceeded to ask me if I had had pain down my arms and in my jaw!! Well, as someone who will occasionally look up symptoms on the internet(!) I knew she was wondering if I had had/was having a heart attack!!

‘Ha ha ha!’ I laughed, ‘I don’t think it’s a heart attack!’

She continued undeterred whilst I began to panic inside…indeed I felt a hysteria attack was on its way and that would herald me being very very silly very very soon. Oh dear oh dear…..I was right too…..

She asked me if I had had any trouble eating or drinking! It was at this point that that I burst out laughing. She asked me why I was laughing, which made me laugh more. If you knew me you would know that I have never had any trouble eating and particularly any trouble drinking!

To cut a long story short she gave me some antibiotics in case it was an infection but told me I must come back in if it got any worse (meaning the heart attack symptoms!). Well, my virus/infection has got a little worse though the antibiotics are kicking in now, but I can definitely report that my heart is beating particularly well and shows no sign of abating!

The Lady Doctor was lovely and very kind to a slightly hysterical and maybe odd patient!

See Ya xx

The Camel Spider Experience!

It had been another hot day on our Turkish holiday, approximately 45 degrees, and travelling buddy and I had had a hard morning by the pool, sunbathing, reading, swimming….you get the picture. We then had a beer (turkish beer called Efes-very nice) and continued holidaying vigourously. A little later we decided that it was time to become recumbent out of the sun. So we picked up our books, kindle and iPad and retreated to the living room…..

Ample space for retreating from the sun for a short while.

I positioned myself on the settee by the wall whilst travelling buddy started moving cushions on the other settee for ultimate comfort. Suddenly she moved faster than I have ever seen her move before, clutching her arms around herself and hyper-ventilating! Whilst rearranging the cushions, she had picked one up and underneath it was this…….

No wonder she looked a little startled!

Now obviously this is not the photo of the incident…the floors of the villa are tiles not mud! I didn’t manage to get a photo at the time but wanted you to be able to see the great big blighter!

Anyway, on with the story. This camel spider had been sitting quietly, minding his own business underneath one of the aforementioned cushions being plumped for comfort before being rudely disturbed. But once exposed, it remained quite still and was very accommodating as I placed a large jar over it. I can honestly say I have never seen any spider like it. It was gross yet fascinating. It had 8 legs and then those two antennae positioned leg lookalikes flailing in the air. It was about 15cm long. But that beak….oh it was so horrible. I have managed to find another photo but a little closer up….

Ugh ugh ugh!

What can I say? If you were to google camel spiders then you could see videos of them too….if you wanted!

So, camel spider under the cushion got unceremoniously thrown over the garden wall so that travelling buddy and I could get on with the business of relaxation and more beer drinking to calm our nerves.

That’s all for now, but I might find another creepy crawly story for another day!!

See Ya xx




Who would have thought ‘peach’ was so rude?

On our many visits to Turkey we have got to know some of the locals, and one of them is called Emina and amongst us English there is always someone who pronounces it wrong and ends up saying….yes you’ve guessed it….Enema! This, of course, always makes me giggle as I have not graduated into grown up humour and still thoroughly enjoy anything silly, oh, and I adore slapstick.

Anyway, this is Emina…..

Emina about to cook us savoury pancakes…yum!

We have not tried to explain this slight problem we have with her name especially as I have not a clue how I would do it….I simply don’t know enough Turkish to translate:

ENEMA: a solution introduced into the rectum to promote evacuation of faeces or as a means of introducing nutrients, medicinal substances, or opaque material for radiologic examination of the lower intestinal tract. (Medical Online Dictionary)

Now I wish to introduce to you the seftali which is pronounced sheftarlih:

It’s the peaches that I want you to focus on please.

Yes seftali is the Turkish for peach. This picture was taken in the dining room of the villa and the peaches were picked from the trees in the garden. In fact we had so many peaches we really didn’t know what to do with them. We cooked them as many different ways as we could as we seemed to have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are beautiful, yummy, juicy, tasty, absolutely scrumptious and best of all…..FREE! Very different from those hard bullet like peaches you get in the UK. Here’s the peach tree in action…..

The peaches on the ground were knocked there by the local red squirrels!

Anyway, we invited Emina to eat with us one evening and it was then that we found out that saying the word peach in English translates into a rude word in Turkish. Emina erupted into fits of giggles as she mimed what it means as she doesn’t have the English vocabulary to explain:

PIC (Pronounced ‘pitch’) n. bastard, illegitimate child, natural child, bastard slip 
 adj. bastard, illegitimate, baseborn, misbegotten, spurious (Turkish to English Online Translation website)
Can you imagine Emina’s mime??
So every time a Brit goes to ask for a kilo of peaches (which the Turkish hear as ‘pitches’)………Well I know I would have to giggle!
To finish off, here’s a sunset from the balcony of the villa…..

This happens every night!!

That’s about all for now.

See ya