Orange Tip and Finger Tip 16th June

A few days ago I decided to walk to the shops through the fields. Whilst walking past elder trees, dog roses and much flora and fauna I saw a beautiful butterfly which I knew was an Orange Tip. I know this because I do! I whipped out my camera as the Orange Tip landed on some cow parsley. Dang and blast it, as soon as I rustled near to it-it closed up its wings….well I guess that IS what butterflies do!! Anyway, here’s the shot that I got:

No orange tip to be seen on this Orange Tip!

So there I was, almost in the bushes, stalking a butterfly when I begin to hear big dog barking. I steeled myself and continued taking photos whilst the barking dog woofed ever closer! Also the dog’s mistress was shouting, “Rover!” (ok not really Rover but it gives the idea of a large dog I think), “Rover be quiet, oh for goodness sake….ROVER!”

I continued in the pursuance of the Orange Tip shot but as casually as I could I called, “I hope his bark is worse than his bite…” which was accompanied by nervous laughter from myself as the big brown labrador grew ever closer.

It was at this point that the Orange Tip took off and landed on my thumb would you believe?? I have the photo and apologise for the blurriness but I wanted you to see why I called the post what I did!

Slightly blurry due to excitement of butterfly on finger and fear of big barking dog coming ever closer!

So it was at this point that the scene was as follows:

  1. Myself in the bushes with a butterfly on my finger
  2. Big dog (Rover!) 5 feet away barking loudly with hackles up
  3. Owner, looking at me slightly strangely (perhaps due to the butterfly on my thumb and my position in the bushes)  whilst apologising profusely for her loud but apparently harmless (phew!) dog.

Both of us were a littler embarrassed, she because of her inability to control her dog and me…well in the bushes! But to give her her due she did listen to me prattle on about the Orange Tip, though I did see her glaze over after a bit!

Below is a photo (sadly not my own) of an Orange Tip with its Tip in full and glorious colour…Enjoy!

Stunning eh?

See Ya x


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