The Loft and its’ Contents Again!

I have to say I was very pleased to find something I had written when I was about 8 saying “Elizabeth Turner-Author” But as yet I have not found anything saying “Elizabeth Turner-Poet”…..and yet……Look what I found….

Witness the Emergence of a Poet!


  • I believe I can see the beginning of a sophisticated rhyming style…you know the one where the words that are supposed to rhyme don’t!!
  • I obviously, at a young age, have a full understanding of how the trousers came into my possession from the purchase of the materials to the construction of the garment!
  • I have been taught manners well-ie: to say thank you to the appropriate people in writing.
  • I am obviously impressed with my mother’s dressmaking skills.
  • I realise that money doesn’t grow on trees and that it is my father’s hard graft that has enabled me to get the said trousers.
  • I have a very good idea that I probably annoy my father!

Regarding the last point, if you have read previous posts you may well recall the letter that I had written to myself warning me not to speak to my daddy the next day as he had not been nice to me…I then proceeded to call him “Pig Dad” and then signed (singed) it Elizabeth Turner!

Well who knows what will be found next??

See Ya xx


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