Sea Monkey update! (16th May)

Still can’t quite get sea monkeys…does anyone have one? Have done some research and here’s what I found (plus a clearer photo):

Selina the sea-monkey.

  1. Sea-monkeys is a brand name for brine shrimp
  2. Sea-monkeys breathe through their legs.
  3. Sea-monkeys have a hyphenated name!
  4. Selina Sea-monkeys is a natural behind the camera.
  5. They’re also born with a third eye, which they lose as adults.
  6. Sea-monkeys reproduce sexually and asexually — how convenient is that?
  7. Male sea-monkeys, unlike females (well some females!), have “whiskers” on their chins.
  8. Also, like humans, the male sea-monkeys heads tend to be larger. (Larger than what?)
  9. I am still unsure of the future of my sea-monkeys.
  10. Perhaps I should get an aquarium like the one pictured below:

Ahoy there sea-monkeys!

I do so hope the young travellers’ consciences are pricked soon! (That refers to those youngsters who left the darned sea-monkeys in my care!)

See ya xx


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