Lupin update and news from the sea monkeys (May 15th)

Now, I wrote in some detail about the probable sad demise of my lupin. But wait, what did I spot in my garden today?? Well look at the following photo and you will see!!

Look at that thrusting prong of Lupin!

So, there seems to be something going on. Could the internet be wrong in its assertion that Lupins Cannot Be Divided?? I jolly well hope so for three lupins from two is saving me money whilst increasing my pleasure, which is never a bad thing!

But on to the sea monkeys. Why do I have them? Well I’m looking after them for travelling youngsters who were out of the country for 2 months on an Indian excursion. They have been back since March and I am becoming suspicious that the sea monkeys do not mean a lot to them. Here’s what they look like:

Many and prolific little blighters!

They are odd, they do not look like monkeys and quite frankly they do not do much.

On the lupin count I am hopeful.

On the sea monkey count I am not!

See Ya xx


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