When I was a girl (11th May)

My mother, she of the Speed Awareness course, has decided that she wants the roof space cleared. She has wanted it cleared for a while and I have sometimes been a little worried at her antics up and down the loft ladder. Now she has begun in earnest as she is having the loft lagged or something. This led to two men being paid to empty said loft which in turn led to many, many, many boxes now occupying three bedrooms…yes three!

When I saw the devastation of the loft clearing on Wednesday I shuddered and thanked the Good Lord for the two previously mentioned men! (I had volunteered to do it you see!)

Then my mother produced something which she found amongst the ‘roof stuff’. And here it is below:

If you can’t quite read it, it says:

“I must not talk to daddy tomorrow Because He was not nice to me last night so there Pig dad, singed Elizabeth Turner”

I wonder what he did to me? I think I was about 8 and apparently quite indignant!

Poor dad (who I have forgiven by the way!) is not well now. It’s hard to remember him when he was younger, well and seemingly able to annoy me intensely!

See Ya xx


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