Pigeons in love!

The weather does not, it seems, affect the love life of pigeons especially judging by the two in my back garden. There they are on the back fence, primping, and preening, followed by strutting along and back. They then, by some invisible signal stop, turn to each other and do a sort of a beak to beak! Once this ritual is completed they seem to ignore each other for a few minutes…maybe this is heightening the sexual tension that is throbbing about them?! Then one pigeon leaps upon the other with an excellent display of balancing skills and the deed is done!!


‘Ah look at the pijes!’ is heard in the living room, for that is what we call them-pijes!

I have goldfinches in the garden too but I have not yet seen them mate…will keep you informed!

Oh, thank you for reading this x

See ya xx



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