New Zealand James

He was, for 2 years, Australia James on my phone. Now he’s New Zealand James as he has had his full amount of working visa in Aus. He’s in Auckland and is so happy at the moment that he is writing with ecstatic rude words on Facebook! His happiness derives from having paid taxes in Aus which have now been returned to him.

I am also happy and anyone who has children will maybe guess the reason, as my coffers will be swollen soon too thanks to New Zealand James’ windfall.

 So there he is in Auckland. Then in a little while he will have a car and be driving down to Queenstown (maybe in time for the Jubilee lol!).

It seems that NZ is the 75th largest country in the world whilst we (in the UK) are the 79th largest. So I guess that James’ trip will be like driving from Scotland to Cornwall. But as I said….I guess….I don’t know!

As a last comment I say “3 cheers for Western Union!’

See Ya xx


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