The Worm and the Skylark

Dunstable Downs at 8am is a little misty and a little moisty. Reminds me of Victor Meldrew and his neighbour: ‘Is it moist or is it me?’

Then I noticed an very large worm who had a very fat middle, which I then noticed was not one but two worms and they were being a little saucy! Obviously my heavy footfall and slightly disapproving gaze put them off their stride and one of them withdrew quickly down a hole whilst the other lay very still for a few seconds and then slithered away as you can see in the following photo (didn’t manage to catch the x-rated stuff!).


I continued on my walk and in the fields behind my house I heard the glorious call of the skylark. I took out the beloved iPhone and recorded it. Wonderful….but can I download the blasted thing onto this blog? I CANNOT! Am about to investigate further….

See Ya xx


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