Beautiful morning-new life

Officially I am still employed by Central Bedfordshire Council as a teacher of 4 and 5 year olds, but that is only until midnight tonight. At that point I no longer have an income and am relying on writing  and a touch of serendipity to sustain me (along with some hard earned savings!)

Out of the house and walking on Dunstable Downs by 7.55am has realised the promise I made to myself and fulfilled my statements to my now ex-colleagues that this is what I would be doing! Hurray!

The question ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ can be answered with a quick ‘Well yes it does!’ And I would have to agree! Time for fitness is nigh!

I have booked my tutorials at the Apple Store and will soon be a whizz kid with both iCloud’s potential and uses and iPad’s absolute marvellousness!

I will be mowing the lawns later as the rain has stopped for long enough.

I always knew my first day of writing would involve slight gibberings and perhaps some nonsense…another promise to myself fulfilled!

Now I am going to publish as I feel quite excited about this…shall I email all the people I know!?

Maybe I shall.

Until later or tomorrow

See Ya! x



2 comments on “Beautiful morning-new life

  1. I have a fondness for people who do self portraits by photographing their shadow … my dog looks at me as if I have gone daft when I make him sit and wait while I capture my other self!

    • Hi,
      Well until I did the weekly photo challenge about what inspires you, where they wanted a self portrait,I had not wanted to feature myself at all! So a shadow seemed a good sort of compromise!! Thanks for commenting and following. I’m looking forward to having a look round your blog. 🙂

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